surface rt firmware

An update on the firmware of the Surface RT tablet has resulted to a number of issues among users of the device, according to a recent report. The problems reportedly emerged from the community forum of the Microsoft Surface tablet.

According to the report, a user was not able to access the regular Windows update or the Windows Store following the release of the firmware update. It only worked when the device was refreshed but stopped working after one night. It only works again if it is restarted. Another user indicated that the Windows Update cannot connect from the Metro UI or the desktop. It also cannot access the Windows Store. It only works if the device is restarted. The issue was initially experienced in January 10 and Microsoft has yet to fix it.

Reports also revealed that a number of users of the Microsoft Surface RT tablet experienced unsuccessful loading or searching for updates due to the Windows Update. Although rebooting the Microsoft Surface tablet will deal with the problem, there were instances when the Windows update will not work. Some users have also experienced problems with the standard updates for applications, which may be a part of the problem. However, it remains uncertain since no official statements were released in connection to the problem.

Source: The Next Web