Surface RT Tablet

In what may come as a surprise for many Microsoft fans and certainly leave a bitter taste in the mouth for those in Redmond, the Surface RT’s browser performance running the latest Explorer 10 has come in for some blasting in a recent test. While those at Microsoft has been all smiles about the number of orders they have received, the fact remains that their coolest innovation since Windows 98 does not have a browser performance what they claim to be; or at least that’s what the test reports seem to be suggesting.

Peacekeeper, a benchmarking tool provided by Futuremark for testing the browser performance of various Smartphones, tablets and other devices, suggested that the performance of the Surface RT Tablet resulted in a score of only 348. That’s a performance that’s good enough for a place towards the bottom of the list. Just for comparison, the latest fourth generation iPad with a score of 951 came first. The iPhone came a close second with a points tally of 907. Even the Acer Iconia W500 running Windows 8 was better than the Surface RT.

Futuremark is currently working on a new version of their 3DMark PC benchmarking software that is aimed at all older browsers before Windows 8. A sample of the same was shown based on DirectX11 back in June 2012. There is however no word when that is going to be available.

Source & Image: Peacekeeper