surface pro youtube

The commercial advertisement for the Microsoft Surface Pro tablet emerged recently, It is obviously designed to attract corporate users and intends to increase its appeal among businesses.

Jon M. Chu, the same person behind the Surface RT tablet commercial, is the director of the Surface Pro tablet commercial. Chu is also the director of the soon-to-be-released movie, “GI Joe: Retaliation. The commercial highlights the full-sized USB port of Surface Pro, which also has a pen digitizer. The choreographed dancing using the tablet brings to mind the first Surface ad of Chu.

The Surface Pro tablet and the Windows 8 are intended for business users. A number of features found on the two platforms are emphasized by the commercial. The features emphasized in the commercial are stylus input support, touch/type keyboards, a USB port and a touch friendly interface.

Although the demand for the Surface Pro tablet was notably high, there are indications that the initial inventory of the product was limited. Whichever the case may be, a number of consumers did not find it easy to purchase the Surface Pro tablet over the launch weekend. This is a positive development for Microsoft since it indicates that the company was able to attain a sell out in a limited period of time.

Source: Microsoft Surface Channel – YouTube