surface windows phone

To be fair with Microsoft, they did dominate the personal computing space for well over a decade up until the point when Smartphones and competing operating systems finally got a platform to showcase what they can do. There was once a time when 95% of all the personal computing devices that went for sale were powered by Windows. Not any more. According to Forrester Windows powered devices have now shrunk to a mere 30% of all devices.

When asked by a correspondent on BBC, on the verge of the launch of the Surface RT tablet and the upcoming Windows Phone 8 OS (which is actually a scaled down avatar of the full fledged Windows 8 OS), CEO Steve Ballmer seemed quite happy with the prospects of both the technologies.

On a question that Microsoft has been dabbling at hardware technology for a while and they are now showing signs that they are going to stay committed in hardware, Mr. Ballmer replied that “Is it fair to say we’re going to do more hardware? Obviously we are…”

Chris Green who is the principal technology analyst for the Davies Murphy Group Europe has been saying that Microsoft is working away at a Surface Phone but due to the fact that they are committed to Nokia and are also eager to see how the other manufacturers such as Samsung and HTC fairs with their attempts at a Windows Phone 8 device, they may venture into a launch later on.

Image Source: YrOnimuS on deviantART