Surface tablet PC

Care to give some of your insightful opinions about the Surface tablet to Microsoft? This may just be what you have been waiting for. Apparently Microsoft is keen to know what you think about the Surface RT tablet. So keen they are that they are actually going to give away $200 worth of accessories for the new tablet to one of the lucky participants of this feedback program.

Your feedbacks can help improve the product significantly in the future (though it is unlikely to make any changes on to the current model in circulation). For developers who are interested to code for a platform that has already sold 40 million licenses, this might very well be interesting.

You will have to be in the US to be able to take part in this feedback system and you will also need to provide the product serial number of your Surface RT so that it is authentic. After registering for the feedback you will receive an email in two weeks containing the survey. If you’re outside the US and or don’t one, unfortunately you cannot take part in this.

Source: Microsoft Feedback Program & Image via Steve Kovach, Business Insider