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Consumers in the United States and Canada are lucky to have around sixty Microsoft Store outlets where they can have a hands-on experience with the Microsoft Surface tablet, a recent report indicated. Although the same cannot be said for a number of places around the world, the company is encouraging potential to test out the newly-released Surface RT tablet prior to buying the device. However, this will change soon.

A Surface Experience Center will also be set up in different markets including France, Germany, Australia and the United Kingdom, according to Microsoft. These centers will be opened in fifty-four different locations however it appears that potential buyers will be limited to having a hands-on experience on the tablet at the centers. They may not have the opportunity to purchase it. Instead, buyers can purchase the device online through the Microsoft Store site.

Deliveries of a number of models of the Microsoft Surface tablet are reportedly delayed up to around three weeks since there is a backlog in the online orders of the device.

Similar Surface Experience Centers are also set to be opened in the US market, which will allow American consumers to have a hands-on experience on the Surface RT tablet while waiting for their orders to arrive. For the moment, no details were released on the location of these “Experience” centers in the United States.

Source/Image: Microsoft