Windows 8 Tablets

In an exclusive interview with Jaime Rivera, from pocketnow, a Sony contact has mentioned the company has got a Windows 8 VAIO hybrid (with an 11-inch screen) and an Android tablet update in its pipeline. Both unit types will be in direct competition with the Microsoft Surface tablet, which will be released on October 26. No specs were reported on the Sony VAIO Duo 11 but images of the unit appear to demonstrate a very thin design and a back-lit keyboard that collapses on a sliding hinge. This is similar to the functionality of the Windows 8 Tablets and their novel keyboard attachments. Chances are it will not be a Windows RT apparatus because the images contain a pen as a peripheral input device and only the Microsoft Surface tablet Pro offers this utility. Moreover, one image shows an Office program running in full screen and Windows RT will not support legacy software when released in October.

Back at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, Sony had comparable prototypes and at the time, talk was circulating that it would be a good fit for the Windows 8 platform. Talk is currently circulating as to whether Sony will be announcing the VAIO Duo 11 at the IFA (International Franchise Association) event this week in Berlin or wait until after the Windows 8 Tablets come to market in October. One thing is for sure though, the technology industry is beginning to heat up as these companies jockey for position with their latest products ahead of the holiday season.