Microsoft tablet

Microsoft launched its Microsoft’s Surface tablet PC recently by aiming to capture the tablet market that is dominated by Apple iPad.  Designed, developed and conceived by Microsoft employees, Microsoft Surface has increased company’s vision of endless creativity and entertainment. With its extensive investment in industrial sector, Microsoft focus on making real user experience better and better by each coming day.

Microsoft Surface has been a revolutionary achievement in the world of IT. MS Surface uses infra-red sensitive cameras to identify different objects and gestures. It is designed in a way that users can interact by using hand gestures. No mouse or keyboard is required in Surface tablet. It has transformed an ordinary tablet to Surface that responds to touch sensors.

Microsoft started the process of developing Microsoft’s Surface tablet PC two years ago. After many hurdles and difficulties, Microsoft Surface is ready to hit the market.  It will be available in two versions, one is Windows RT and other one is Windows 8 Pro Surface. Windows RT is based on same chip design that is present in most tablet PCs today. Windows 8 Pro Surface will be available with higher performance version that will run on Windows 8.

Here are some fast facts about Microsoft’s Surface tablet PC that you should know:

  • A “Vapor Mg” case that protects the Surface physically and electrically.
  • Microsoft Surface Windows RT version boasts a thickness of 9.3 millimeters whereas the iPad version is 9.4 millimeters.
  • The Surface Support USB ports, MicroSD cards, with 2×2 Mimo antenne with display out puts. It also features 30 pin dock connector port.
  • MS Surface Windows RT includes built-in Kick stand 3 mm keyboard and cover that can be used as ultra thin keyboard.
  • Pricing for Surface Tablet has not been released yet but it is speculated that it will be competitive with Apple iPad and other tablets and UltraBooks.
  • Microsoft Surface has 32 to 64 GB of storage capacity.
  • It weights around 1.5 pounds.
  • Surface PC offers 10.6 inch diagonal screen with 16:9 aspect ratio. It has auto adjusting intensity (commonly known as automatic brightness). They advertise high sunlight visibility.
  • Surface Computers will be equipped with Windows 8.
  • Dual microphones and stereo speakers.

One of the coolest things about Microsoft’s Windows is its extensive ecosystem of software and hardware partners, selection option and choices that makes user’s Window experience unique. Similarly Microsoft surface is delivering strong and growing eco system of functional devices to create users experience of Windows around the world.

Microsoft Surface will not be available for individual users as it is initially marketed to be sold to large industries. From the origin, more than 120 application development partners have been trained for the system in 11 countries including Austria, Qatar, Netherland, United Kingdom, Ireland, Sweden, Spain, The United Arab Emirates, Italy, Germany, and France.

Image Credit: CBS Interactive