Microsoft Surface Tablet

From the launch of Microsoft Surface, large number of tech media have started guessing about Microsoft Surface’s specification, its competitors and whether it can beat its competitors or not. It is a big step for Microsoft to copy Apple’s Tablet model and come out with their own hardware and software specifications. With rapidly increasing popularity of Microsoft Surface, the company is making
connections with other eco systems such as Skype.

As we all know, Skype is now part of Microsoft. It’s great to know that Skype has been highlighted by Microsoft Surface. Microsoft Surface has two cameras that will help in video calling on Skype. FrontLife cam will be used to chat with people and rear facing LifeCam is angled to 22 degrees so that you can easily flip out the kickstand and record events and meetings. Camera resolutions are speculated to be full HD 1080p quality in The Surface. It is yet to announce that whether Windows RT or Windows 8 Pro
will be integrated with 3G or 4G options for making voice and video calls by using Skype.

Microsoft Surface also has stereo speakers and dual micro phones that will make the sound quality better. Dual Microphone will also help in group calling. It will create a richer audio experience for the call.

Taking the direct challenge to Face Time from Apple, Microsoft is all set to prove that it has a better VOIP Tablet Service than its competitors. Microsoft Surface is using all the possible techniques and methods to advertise Skype with The Surface.

Beside Skype, it is expected to see Xbox Live being integrated on Surface tablets. Xbox SmartGlass is already designed for Windows 8 pro and Windows RT tablets. Since Microsoft owns both Xbox Live and Skype so it is easy for them to make these things work altogether in Surface.