Surface Touch Cover Shortcuts

Using a Touch Cover keyboard on the Surface RT tablet is recommended by some industry watchers since users may get irritated if they try to use the recently-released device without a keyboard. The Touch Cover and Type Cover offers a number of keys that facilitate the use of the Microsoft Surface Tablet including controlling the volume, arrow keys, end, home, devices, share, search, and settings keys. It also offers users a useful trackpad that has section for the right and left mouse buttons and the arrow keys. User can also take advantage of the shortcuts offered by the keyboard when using the Surface Tablet.

Surface Touch/Type Cover Shortcuts

Start key +BReturn to the Desktop
Start key +COpen the charms function
Start key +DGo into the Desktop of the device
Start key +EOpen the File Explorer on the Desktop
Start key +FSearching for files
Start key +HOpen the Share charm function
Start key +IOpen the Settings charm function
Start key +KOpen the Devices charm function
Start key +LLock up the Microsoft Surface tablet
Start key +MReduce all items on the Desktop
Start key +POpen another screen manager utility
Start key +QSearch for applications
Start key +ROpen the Run feature on the Desktop
Start key +TOpen the Task Manager on the Desktop
Start key +UOpen the Ease of Access feature on the Desktop
Start key +WOpen the Search settings
Start key +XOpen the system utility menu
Start key +ZFollow the swipe up movement from bottom of screen
Start key +. Snap an app left
Start key +,Glance into the desktop, when Start is released, it goes back into the Metro user interface
Start key +TabOpen the Metro user interface task manager
Start key +EnterOpen the Windows Narrator feature
Start key +Shift.Snap an app right
Alt key +TabSwitch between applications, another look at the task manager
Ctrl key +TabMove between the All Apps and the Start options
Ctrl key +EscapeMove between last app that was opened and the currently-used app

Surface mouse Shortcuts

  • When the mouse is clicked on the – button on the lower-right side of the Start screen, the Start screen will be zoomed out, which will allow users to make group names for the applications on the screen.
  • Right-clicking on an application on the Start screen, the options available will be shown, which can be tapped, held and dragged down by users by using their finger.
  • Moving the mouse to the upper-left side on the Start screen will show the last app that was used.

These shortcuts make the keyboard a very practical accessory for the Microsoft Surface tablet. It also highlights the usefulness of the mouse buttons and the trackpad. It may also have other functions that are not listed above.

The software giant has worked hard to produce the Microsoft Surface tablet, which is evident in all the functions it offers. Many of the items may not be easy to learn, so it will take some time before all the shortcuts and movements are learned to allow users to efficiently use the tablet.

Images via Microsoft