Surface RT Tablet Run Over

An earlier report indicated that a brand-new Surface RT tablet survived after falling from the roof of a car, where a user from Los Angeles inadvertently placed it. A similar thing happened to another Surface RT tablet user last Saturday in a recent report on the same website. And the same thing happened to the device, which still continued to function.

The report was based on the account posted by Rob Waldhauser from Kingsville, Maryland on the forums page of He inadvertently placed the 64GB Microsoft tablet on the roof of the car before he drove to work. He later realized that he had left it on the roof after noting the absence of the device inside the car. He went back and retraced his route before finally finding the device along the side of the street.

However, aside from falling off the roof of the car, something else happened to the device, according to Rob. He indicated that a car ran over the device before he was able to get to it. He saw the touch cover and the tablet flying off in different directions, which caused him to jump off his car and retrieve the tablet on the other side of the road before getting the touch cover. During the entire episode, he also had to retrieve his phone, which also fell off his lap when he tried to retrieve the device. He was able to get everything and avoid getting run over by other incoming vehicles.

Although the case was chipped and had scratches on it, the display of the tablet remained intact. He also found out that the device was still in working condition despite everything it went through.

Rob indicated that the Surface RT tablet appeared durable and works perfectly together with the touch cover, although it had a small scratch on it. He added that the Microsoft Surface tablet was an incredible device and has left him amazed at how it survived everything that happened to it. However, in the end it is very much advisable not to inadvertently leave the tablet on top of a car.,  Image: Rob Waldhauser