Samsung ATIV Tab

There are a number of upcoming Microsoft Surface competitors and one of these was highlighted recently in a YouTube. It’s Samsung’s Ad focused on the ATIV product line, which include a Samsung tablet device.

The video is apparently in preparation for the promotion of the Windows-based devices that Samsung (like Ativ Tab) is set to launch in the future.

The video shows how the intuitive integration of Microsoft works utilizing cloud services. However, some observers have put off judgment on the devices following the not-so-impressive presentation during the Berlin IFA 2012. The Windows Phones of Samsung may not be highlighted since the South Korean company is known more for its Android devices although the company may aim to promote these devices, particularly its tablet offering, with the release of the Surface RT tablet of Microsoft.

The Windows-based Samsung tablet can be linked with the other ATIV products of Samsung and may work to the advantage of Microsoft, which may increase its client base for its Windows Phone products.

It remains uncertain whether the upcoming launch of a number of Microsoft Surface competitors will create an impact in the market. However, it may be logical for Samsung to release its own version of the Windows 8-based tablet after Microsoft released the latest version of its operating recently.