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It looks like the Samsung ATIV Tab is not going to make its US debut after all. Amidst reports of weakening sales of the Surface RT and all the confusion that is surrounding the Windows RT operating system, Samsung have decided that they are not going ahead with their launch of the ATIV Tab in the US despite the fact that they have already made a global launch. CNET picked up this important bit of news from Mike Abary at the CES 2013 in Las Vegas.

Samsung’s decision might be attributed to a number of reasons. First Samsung feels that the amount of money that is needed to educate users about the new OS is going to be too much. Additionally the price of the ATIV running Windows RT would not be suitable when considering that full blown Windows 8 tablets would be selling around the same price region, making it difficult to justify a purchase. On the other hand if they are to reduce the price of the tablet and make it more attractive in comparison to Windows 8 based tablets, they would have to make some serious compromises which they are not interested in making.

However everything does not seem to have ended in as much as the future possibilities of seeing the ATIV in the US. Avary mentioned that Samsung would be looking at the situation in US closely before deciding whether they can bring a Windows RT tablet into the market in the future. Samsung’s hopes are dependent on this believe that Microsoft would be spending more time educating users about the Windows RT platform as a whole and not merely concentrating on the sale of the Surface RT.

For Microsoft though, they seem to have their plate full. They are somehow yet unable to convince consumers about the advantages of the new operating system. With the recent news of the Jailbroken windows RT it seems that the Surface and the operating system that powers it is going to become a experimental playground for developers.

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