surface microsoft store

Although Microsoft did not reveal specific figures in connection to the sales of the Surface RT tablet following its launch into the market last October 25, a number of analysts have indicated that the device was doing well in the market. This was indicated in a recent report.

Surface Microsoft Store

A recently released note by Phil Winslow from Credit Suisse indicated that the sales of device were steady in a number of Microsoft Stores. Restocking of the device was reportedly regular while the foot traffic in the stores was above average. There were also a small number of returns of device. Most of the returns were due to the fact that the device was not compatible with older Windows-based applications. The backward compatibility will reportedly become available once the Pro version will be released by Microsoft in the coming year.

A survey conducted by Brendan Barnicle from Pacific Crest showed that many of these stores were able to replenish their inventories at least once. The survey was conducted in a number of stores that had solid sales.

Winslow added that the sales of the Surface RT tablet may reach 3.8 million units in the coming year. These figures are reportedly relatively smaller compared to the sales of the iPad of Apple, which is currently dominating the market. However, the sales of the Apple device in the last quarter were smaller than expected by Wall Street during that particular period.

Source: Market Watch , Image via Danny Sullivan