Microsoft Surface

In this article we will cast light on the news and rumors related to the Microsoft’s Surface tablet. There are a lot of gossips around the mediasphere related to the features of the new Surface tablet. Will it be able to beat iPad? What will be its effect on the tablet market? Will Microsoft Surface cost as much as iPad? Will the high-end Microsoft Surface price be around $999? Lets take a look at some of the popular rumors and news.

Surface Has No Wireless Broadband

Microsoft’s Surface Tablet PC running Windows RT will have support only for Wi-Fi. There will be no support for broadband mobile connectivity. This version of the Surface will launch around fall. Surface Pro with Windows 8 have high system specifications and it will launch in the Q1 of the next year. We hope there will be support for broadband mobile connectivity for MS Surface Pro. The Microsoft Surface RT have very low specifications and, therefore, targeted for home users and for those who don’t want to do much with the tablet. That could be a reason why Surface RT doesn’t have broadband mobile connectivity. Because home users have access to their home Wi-Fi connection, therefore, Microsoft have added only wifi connectivity for Surface RT.

Microsoft Surface Will Start at $599

Microsoft didn’t disclose the cost of Microsoft Surface but gave an idea that it will cost the same as a tablet with same specifications will cost. The Next Web said that Microsoft’s Surface RT will start at approximately $599 and Surface Pro with high specifications and Windows 8 will start at $999. Surface Pro is very expensive according to the approximation. May be because its high specifications.

Battery Life Of the Surface

What makes tablets awesome is that they have bigger screen than smartphones, they are more powerful and as mobile as a smartphone is. An average computer user can do nearly all the tasks on a tablet that he / she does on a desktop PC. This thing makes tablets awesome. Well, the battery of a mobile device matters a lot. Laptops are of no use if they can’t last for hours. Similar is the case with the tablets. If tablets have a very small lasting battery then no one will buy them. According to ComputerWorld the battery life of the Surface RT will be around 7.5 hours which is much less than iPad’s 10 hours and Surface pro will have 6 hours battery which is also less than Ultrabooks. Well these are just approximations, we can’t say anything solid right now.

MS Surface Crashes

Remember the video when Bill Gates is standing next to a person presenting Windows 98 and the Windows crashes? Well if you don’t remember then be know that current Microsoft Windows CEO faced the same situation as Bill Gates faced that day. While giving presentation on Surface Tablet the Windows 8 stopped working. Well there was not any claps because we didn’t see what exactly happed with the Surface but everyone knew that something went wrong.


There are many things still to be answered by Microsoft. Few of them will be answered automatically when Surface will be available for public and we will be holding it in our hands. Microsoft also didn’t say anything about the RAM of the devices. Well, there are many other small rumors and news that I didn’t mention there. As the time will pass we will see how much these news and rumors were valid.