Microsoft Surface Tablet

Numerous tablet devices that have entered the market in recent months do not have the standard connections or slots that are normally found on laptops and desktops, until the Microsoft Surface tablet became available. This is one of the features that potential buyers will be able to use with the recently released tablet of the software giant.

A video that was posted recently shows Microsoft demonstrating the various ports available for its recently-released Surface RT tablet. This will likely add to the appeal of the tablet device in the rather competitive tablet market. The video highlights the full-size USB 2.0 port of the Microsoft Surface tablet, which will allow users to easily transfer files by connecting it into a conventional flash drive. It will also facilitate charging a cell phone.

The device can be charged using the power cord that magnetically connects to the power slot of the device. Users will be able to know that the device is charging by simply looking at the light along the top edge of the power cord.

The Microsoft Surface Tablet can also be linked to a bigger screen display through the mini-HDMI port. The Surface RT tablet also features a microSD memory card slot that will expand the storage of the device by 64GB. These are some of the ports and connections that are being offered to potential buyers of the recently-released Microsoft device.