Microsoft Surface Tablet

Windows Surface tablet isn’t out there yet, but business moguls have already started taking stands for and against it. HP and Acer have defined their stances against the release of this tablet. Perhaps, they don’t want another contender for their already depleting hardware sales. However, things aren’t the same everywhere. Lenovo has taken a “friendlier” in this situation and have even showcased their ThinkPad Tablet 2 that is not only going to come with Windows 8 OS but will also challenge the Windows Surface tablet. Now, this is called healthy competition in a deeply concentrated market that can’t be shunned into monopolized adventures by a single manufacturer.

Great news, for all those who have been siding with Samsung against its long-hauled tussle with Apple, is Samsung’s willingness to manufacture a Windows 8 tablet. Since the matters between Samsung and Apple are still sub judice, so making a comment in this regard will be futile and might not help any of us. However, Samsung is ready to jump the Windows 8 tablet market and will release their tablet somewhere within this year.

Now looking at Samsung’s Galaxy rang of Android tablets, it is evident that Samsung Windows 8 / RT tablet will be packaged with awesome hardware in minimal space. According to some experts, the cost factor is going to play a major role in determining the success or failure of windows tablet against Android and iOS hardware already available in the market. Samsung has been in the industry for way too long, and it is certain that Samsung will try to capture the windows RT market on the bases of cost and hardware.

Now I certainly believe that Microsoft has nothing to fear. In fact, Microsoft should try to partner with Samsung to make sure that their OS rocks and their own tablet also manages to get a place in the market. And if Microsoft plans to go the Apple way, then I believe that Samsung is strong enough to respond and it won’t be in favor of any of the manufacturers. So if anyone from Microsoft is reading this, it’s time to carve out multi-level strategic partnership with manufacturers and vendors like Samsung to keep their projected share in the tablet market.

Samsung has skyrocketed Android tablet sales. And if the same model is applied in Microsoft and Samsung’s case, then it is pretty evident that things will work out good for Windows 8 tablets on the whole. It is an established fact that Microsoft, as the name suggest and everyone in this globe knows, is a software manufacturing, vending and distribution company. The hardware game is pretty new for them so taking some help from players like Samsung, Lenovo and HP would be highly beneficial. And going against them can cause irreversible harm to Surface tablet and the OS. We all want this great looking OS to survive and so does Microsoft; I believe.

I am still waiting for the initial launch and then will observe how manufacturers roll in. What’s your opinion? Do you think that Microsoft should take help from Samsung or drag them into courts over petty issues? Do you think that Samsung Windows’s tablets will manage to outclass their own “bossy” galaxy series?