Surface Rt Tablet

When someone of the stature of Oprah endorses your product and that too just before the holiday shopping season, it is a huge boost for your marketing team. Recently she mentioned in one of her shows that the new Surface RT tablet is one of her “Favorite things” of the year. She actually said “The Surface, Microsoft’s first tablet, feels like a Mercedes-Benz to me, people!”

She was very appreciative about the full sized keyboard which was built into the cover, and which made it easy to work. The fact that it also doubles as a stand meant that it’s perfect for enjoying a movie or speaking to a friend on Skype. The overall weight which is less than a pound and a half meant it is the perfect alternative for a laptop for someone who is very mobile.

While the folks down at Redmond might just be tempted to start the celebrations driven by liquid courage, there is a caveat; Oprah no longer have the same influence as she used to. It is encouraging to see that the most important Microsoft product since the launch of Windows 98 made its way to a list containing Tom Ford Beauty Lipstick, the Bonded Teak Series Knife Set and the Wagging Tail Custom Portrait Cards; but the fact remains that Oprah’s influence is on the ebb.

CNET suggests that Oprah’s decision to start her own TV network might have just triggered it and even something as important as the US presidential elections saw the incumbent and the hopefuls more interested to appear on “The View” rather than on the Oprah show.

Coming back to the Surface, CNET firmly believes that the Surface RT Tablet is going to be all right. For starters it is nothing like the iPad and distinctly packs a lot of punch. Additionally it is a novelty and appeal to a section of consumers who want to be seen with it. Never mind the legal issues, with Oprah giving her affirmative nod you can’t go wrong; and when Miley Cyrus makes her new video with Jessie Andrews you will know for sure that you have a winner.