Surface RT Demand

The demand for tech gadget as gifts is expected to increase with the upcoming holiday shopping season. A recent Nielsen survey to check the gadgets that was on top of the list of things to purchase among children and adults in the US. The results indicated that the Microsoft Surface tablet was not found on top of the list of gadgets to purchase among the participants of the survey.


The survey showed that the full size Apple iPad was on top of the list among 48 percent of children aged six to twelve. In second place was the recently-released Nintendo Wii U with around 39 percent of the children aiming to own the console. The iPad Mini and the iPod Touch placed third with 36 percent. The Microsoft Surface RT tablet only garnered 6 percent in the survey, which is far behind the other gadgets on the list.

Another group of participants showed that the full-size Apple iPad was still on top of the list with around 21 percent. This second group of participants included people who were at least 13 years old. A computer placed second with 19 percent while third place went to another tablet aside from the Apple iPad with 18 percent. The survey results also showed that 17 percent of the participants wanted the Nintendo Wii U with 17 percent while the Apple iPhone had 14 percent, which was good for fifth place. The recently-released Microsoft Surface tablet only had 3 percent, which was nowhere near the top.

Surface RT Demand

Although it was expected for the Apple iPad to place first in the two lists, Microsoft may take note of the how the Surface RT tablet fared in the survey, which shows that the demand for the device may not be as high as the company may have expected.

Source & Images via Nielsen