SAP Windows RT Apps

International software provider SAP has announced that the company has designed a range of applications for the Windows 8 operating system — including a brand new product. The apps are designed for a wide range of products including the Microsoft tablet PC, convertibles and desktops. In addition to the company’s strictly business standards, it will also be developing products for Windows Phone 8 and Microsoft Surface tablet through its SAP Mobile Platform. The apps will include built-in security enhancements and platform support, which will allow SAP to extend its business processors to the latest Windows 8 platforms.

Getting back to business, the new persona-centric application (SAP WorkDeck) was developed specifically for the Windows 8 operating system and will work in conjunction with SAP Learning Assistant, SAP Interview Assistant, SAP Manager Insight, SAP Customer Financial Fact Sheet, and SAP HRC Policy Survey. SAP WorkDeck integrates these various sources of information.

The apps include support for touch screen devices such as the Windows RT and Surface RT tablets. They are available today through both the Windows Store and the SAP Store. Customers who want to secure their mobile enterprise environments can download SAP Afaria from either location. SAP Afaria fully supports Intel-based Windows 8 Tablets.