Surface Tablet Apps

The Microsoft Surface tablet, in all likelihood, will have its own version of Skype that is designed specifically for the Windows 8 operating system. The voice and video calling capabilities of the Windows 8 Tablets have been significantly improved over previous models and an image leak this week on Twitter visually displays some of these capabilities. The image of the Skype Metro style app, posted by Neowin, is similar in all respects to existing Metro style apps from Microsoft but different in that it shows status and message history in a sidebar. Rumors of an easier user interface as well as better graphics and navigation utility are already spreading across the social network. Additional speculations include a soon to be announced public preview version.

In the images the interface is noticeably titled, “App Preview,” signifying Microsoft may be in the process of beta testing the app for Windows 8 Tablets and an announcement of the beta version may be forthcoming. Some other features that are evident in the displayed screenshot consist of the ability to pay as you go or the option to pay monthly for Skype calling, the capability to initiate voice and video calls as well as pinned favorites. In reply to the leak, Microsoft has stated that it has “nothing to share at this time” regarding Skype. The Microsoft Surface tablet is slated to be released in October and PC manufacturers, software companies, and application developers will undoubtedly be unveiling their products as we approach the release date.