Microsoft Surface tablet

Surface Tablet advertising campaign is kicking into high gear with the first made for TV ad focusing on the younger generation. The Microsoft Surface tablet commercial revolves, in an energetic fashion, around young girls in Catholic schoolgirl outfits dancing on pedestals while embracing the Microsoft tablet PC.

The company has also posted an extended version of the ad on YouTube with a flashback to the 1980’s break dancing era and some young boys dressed in the attire of that period. The children are (of course) clutching their beloved Surface RT Tablets as they perform these rituals.

Although hurricane Sandy dampened the kickoff of the Surface RT tablet somewhat, the company’s advertising team seems to be firing on all cylinders and the initial sales of the Windows RT tablet have been encouraging. The company also has a leg up over Microsoft Surface Competitors in this regard. Ace Metrix, an advertising analysis firm, has called the 30-second TV spot the “most effective tablet-only ad to air this year.”

With the pronouncement of the new Nexus 10 tablet from Google and the upcoming launch of Apple’s iPad mini this week, the only question now is can Microsoft keep the momentum going. The marketplace the Microsoft tablet PC is in is becoming evermore crowded and multitudes of manufacturers have yet to release their version of the tablet. Another question is can Microsoft hope to develop the substantial app libraries that Apple and Google have.

Image: Surface Tablet YouTube Channel