surface Steven Sinofsky

More than 420 million devices are supported by the Windows RT OS according to Steven Sinofsky of Microsoft. Sinofsky made the revelation during a recent Windows 8 event as indicated in a report from Among the devices that will use the Windows RT OS is the Surface RT tablet of Microsoft, even as another model of the Microsoft Surface tablet is set to be released in the coming year.

The Windows RT OS will not support many legacy Windows applications, which is one of the differences between the two versions of the latest Windows OS.  The Windows RT OS is specifically designed for use on ARM devices and is basically a variant of the Windows 8 OS.

Windows RT devices will run programs that are specially designed for the operating system, which will not be able to use Windows 7 programs. The Windows RT OS will be limited to applications purchased through the Windows Store, similar to the iPad of Apple and devices using the Android OS.

The Windows RT OS will focus on the consumer market instead of businesses, Sinofsky added. People with little knowledge about computers will find the Surface RT tablets and other similar Microsoft Surface tablets user friendly since the operating system is compatible with a huge number of devices.