Surface RT Wifi

It seems that the launch of the ‘best thing since Windows 98’ is not entirely a glitch-free affair for Microsoft. First we heard about the splitting issue related with the touchpad/keyboard, which Microsoft promptly addressed to by promising to send out replacement covers. Now we are hearing about yet another issue. This time it is to do with the Wi-Fi connectivity of the device.

Many users have reported that their device is losing wireless connectivity with the Wi-Fi switching to ‘limited’. The Microsoft Community page which users are generously using to pour in their grievances is currently 18 pages long and is filled with complaints and counter-suggestions by other users who have been able to devise a solution on how to work around this problem.

Surface Wifi Issue Solutions

Solutions range from:

•    Resetting the Wi-Fi connection
•    Resetting the wireless network card to only 11g from ‘mixed’
•    Disabling the power management feature of the wireless network card
•    and finally if everything fails, re-installing the wireless network card

The results however have been far from being conclusive. A moderator on the community forum mentioned however that Microsoft is aware of the issue and that they are currently toiling away at a fix. In the mean time users can do a temporary fix and that is to set their wireless router to 802.11g.

The last Patch Tuesday updates did have a firmware update which should have resolved the issue but users are stating that the results are mixed. While some users have experienced a worse than previous performance others are having trouble installing the update itself.

Image: Microsoft