Surface RT touch cover

Microsoft’s Surface RT was launched just a few weeks ago and already we are hearing about issues with the hardware. One user at the Surface Forums “Br1an_g” seems to have a Surface RT that is peeling right at the join where the touch cover cum keyboard connects with the screen. The user mentioned that the top layer of the join seems to be coming loose. Many other users at the forum seem to be having the same problem. Guardian was first to report the issue and they also mentioned that a Windows developer Matthew Baxter-Reynolds also faced the same problem.

Microsoft has been reported to be willing to address the problem. They have swiftly decided to send replacement covers for all the users who have reported the problem. CNET contacted Microsoft about the issue and they were told by a company representative that users who have a problem with their covers should contact the support team and their problems will be addressed to. The representative also mentioned that Microsoft takes a great care about the quality of the products that are reaching the hands of their customers. He went on to mention that they are in constant touch with their support team and are aware that a small segment of users have reported about this issue with the touch cover top material.

Microsoft’s much hyped Surface RT Tablet launched late last October and the fact that the touch covers are already facing issues is a worrying factor about the build quality of the product. The touch cover works as a front protector, a keyboard and a stand. It is an integral component of the package and it remains to be seen if the problem is widespread or is only limited to an unlucky few.

Source: CNET, Image via: whyjoe/