Microsoft Surface Tablet

Microsoft have faced many failures in the mobile phone and music players arena. But after that, its Xbox gaming system became popular and later kinect motion sensing device started shaking the gaming world. Despite the failures and successes in the hardware manufacturing field, Microsoft, once again, took the risk of unveiling tablet on its own without any help from its hardware partners. This time it have came up with many advanced features. Google in the same manner is going to launch its own tablet, Nexus 7, without depending on its hardware partners. This will also compete with other android tablets in the market. When software companies, that have hardware partners, manufacture the hardware on their own then it leaves many questions unanswered.

Bill Gates Interview With PBS’s Charlie Rose

Finally, Microsoft stood up to support its manufacturing of the Surface tablet on its own. Many thought that manufacturing of the Surface tablet independently was a backstab for hardware partners. Especially a device that can even compete the PCs. This was considered a backstab because its hardware partners (HP, Dell, ASUS, Lenovo) are already present in the tablet market – or soon will be. Microsoft is already charging these companies heavily for the Windows 8 operating system that these companies will install in their tablets. This Monday Bill Gates gave an interview to PBS’s Charlie Rose and clarifies the company’s ambitions, intentions and ideology.

According to Bill Gates Microsoft reserves the right to launch its own tablet with its own hardware. Bill Gates sees the future of the computing as tablet computing. According to him the traditional PC will be replaced with the Surface tablet. In the interview he said that both the strategies; launching your own tablet in the market and having hardware partners, can prove to be very healthy. He also said that with Surface you can experience the tablet and PC all at a time by using a single device. This will change the way people look at things.

These words of Bill Gates meant that if Microsoft is launching its own tablet in the market then it doesn’t mean that it will break its relationship with original hardware manufacturers as partners. In the interview Bill Gates said that the Surface tablet is capable of bringing mobility to the productiveness of the PC. He also added that he is eager to see people using Surface tablet, playing with it and finding out what Microsoft wanted to bring in front of the world.


Bill Gates interview not only answered the question that was wandering in the mind of many people but also made clear that Microsoft is not going to say goodbye to its hardware partners soon. According to Bill Gates, tablets are the future of the computing and Surface tablet will be as much productive as a PC is. If it is so then it means Microsoft has consolidated its business in the tablet market with the launch of its own tablet. In other words Microsoft tried to secure the future business of tablet computing.

Photo Source: bloomberg