Tablet PC

Steve Ballmer, Microsoft’s CEO, is going to be extremely busy over the next few months. Recently Mr. Ballmer assisted Nokia and HTC in publicizing their respective Windows Phone 8 devices and most recently, he paid a visit to RocketSpace.

RocketSpace is a technology start-up company located in Silicon Valley. At the event, which he attended with CFO Tami Reller, Ballmer showed off the Surface RT tablet and talked about the diversity of hardware options. They went on to stress the multitude of developer opportunities the Microsoft Surface tablet would provide.

When RocketSpace’s CEO, Duncan Logan, asked Mr. Ballmer about Windows 8 Tablet pricing Ballmer maintained, “We’ll release pricing before we ship. We’ve been clear that’s in the not too distant future, but not today.” His main priority at the event was to generate developer interest in the Microsoft tablet PC. “There will be customers coming and looking for apps,” alleged Ballmer, while referencing the 250 million Microsoft tablets estimated to be purchased over the coming year. “It’s going to create a heck of a lot of opportunity for folks in this room to make millions,” he said.

VP of research at Directions on Microsoft, Wes Miller, announced not long ago that the number of apps available in the Windows Store had just broken the 2,000 mark. This of course is not a very large number, relatively speaking. Although the store is off to a slow start, it does carry some reputable brand names such as USA Today, Kindle, Wikipedia, and eBay – to name a few.