Surface Tablet Apps

Bing is a web search engine that is a product of Microsoft. From the time Microsoft released Bing on Jun 2009 up to the present, the popular search engine has gone through a lot of modifications to cater to Internet users’ needs. It is currently competing with Google as a widely used search engine all over the world. But reports have circulated that the people behind the development of Microsoft’s Bing search platform are currently working on a number of apps for Windows 8 tablets, Windows Phones and the Xbox gaming console. This was verified further by Bing’s General Manager Adam Sohn.

When asked why the Bing team is focusing on writing apps instead of search algorithms, Sohn said that because of the development of Bing, Microsoft has gathered big data/cloud assets. Sohn further explained that Microsoft is focusing on using its assets that will make other Microsoft products more compelling to the consumers.

The people from Bing team who are writing apps are called the AppEx (Application Experiences) team. They are the ones responsible for creating the news, finance, travel, weather, sports, and maps applications that were included in the test build of Windows 8, Microsoft’s newest operating system. All these applications are focused on letting customers and other developers know what the Metro/modern/Windows 8 experience is all about.

And with the release of the new Microsoft Surface tablet and other Windows 8 tablet in the next few months to come, people can expect to see the Bing search engine and other applications in their new tablet.

Image Credit: Microsoft