Microsoft Surface Tablet

Electronic ballot box voting systems have been a norm in our society for some time now but these units are generally bulky and self contained. This system may become obsolete in the very near future and one of the downsized and far less expensive options to take its place is now being tested in Virginia. The unit is to be none other than the Microsoft Surface RT tablet.

Democracy Live, a company that provides electronic balloting technology to many states in the country, will be testing the Windows 8 Tablet in one voting precinct in Charlottesville, Virginia — Geek Wire reports. A brand new app called LiveBallot will be installed on the Microsoft tablet PC that will allow voters to mark their ballots and then print it out.

The system is actually far more advanced than one would imagine at first glance. Microsoft’s Windows Azure cloud-based system is used to collect the ballot data and tally the results. If the test proves to be a success, Democracy Live plans to expand the model to other areas of the country but the company said it will wait for the launch of the Windows 8 Pro version before doing so.

This is just one of the ways Microsoft plans to use its latest technologies beyond the consumer and business market.