Surface Rt

I would not suggest you actually try this at home folks but the Microsoft Surface RT tablet seems to be one tough little unit. In its durability test, Microsoft has tested its Windows 8 Tablet by dropping the unit from as high as 30 inches onto a hardwood floor, mimicking a typical user accident, with no effect on the device. A consumer in Los Angeles recently conducted a much tougher durability test, quite unintentionally, however.

As reported in the Microsoft blog “Next” — Kurt Shintaku a Los Angeles native went out to his car Sunday, placed his shiny new 64 GB Microsoft tablet PC on the roof and was then distracted as he prepared for his commute. The Windows 8 Tablet remained perched on Kurt’s roof for some time as he enjoyed his Sunday drive but ultimately slide off when he suddenly needed to make a lane change. Mr. Shintaku stated, “… it lost its grip, slid off the top, & careened off the side of my car into the middle turn lane. (Sob) Several onlookers watched in horror as the device toppled corner-over-corner finally resting a lane over from where I was. Then a car going the opposite direction drove over it while making a left turn. (!!!)

Under further investigation, the car most likely did not run over the Microsoft tablet but evidence of a near catastrophic event were found on the unit. The Microsoft tablet PC still worked fine and the display was intact but as Kurt states proudly, the only proof that the incident took place are, “… 6-7 hard nicks on the magnesium casing & lots of scratches to the backside paint.”

It can only be determined at this point that the Microsoft Surface RT tablet is like a Timex watch…”it can take a liken and keep on ticken.”

Source & Image  via Kurt Shintaku