Surface vs Kindle Fire

Its official now, Microsoft has its own tablet. Microsoft recently announced Microsoft’s Surface tablet PC for Windows RT and Windows 8 Pro Surface. It is known that price of Microsoft Surface will be competitive with other tablet devices like iPad, Kindle Fire etc. Before comparing Microsoft Surface with Amazon Kindle Fire, let’s define these both devices.

Microsoft’s Surface tablet PC is a newly released product from the world of Microsoft. It is a combination of software and hardware technology that allow multiple users to use this digital content for sharing, exploring, and creating stuff. Microsoft Surface has built-in keyboard with track pad used as a part of tablet’s cover. This tablet will be available in two versions, Windows RT and Windows 8 Pro Surface version. Kindle Fire is a tablet computer designed by Amazon. It has many features like embedded fonts, micro phones and Wi-Fi etc.

Comparison of Microsoft Surface Vs Kindle Fire

  • Pricing: No pricing details have yet been announced by Microsoft for MS Surface. Kindle Fire however cost around $200.
  • Storage Capacity: The Surface has built in storage capacity of 32 GB/ 64 GB. Kindle fire has 8 GB storage memory.
  • Size: Size of Microsoft Surface will be 10.3 inches screen, 0.36 inches thick, and 2 pounds in weight. For Kindle fire, the screen is 7 inches, 0.37 inches thick and weight 14.6 ounces.
  • Battery: Microsoft Surface has battery power of 31.5 WH whereas Amazon Kindle fire has up to 8 hour of battery or 7.5 hours of video play back.
  • Apps: Microsoft Surface will run on Windows 8 along with Microsoft office and other applications that will be announced by developers soon. More than 17000 applications have been listen in Amazon’s App store that will be available for Kindle Fire.
  • Colors: Microsoft surface will be available in dark grey color. Amazon Kindle Fire is available in black color.
  • Processor: Microsoft Surface has processor of NVIDIA Tegra Based ARM Chip. Kindle Fire has TI Omap 4430 @ 1 GHZ processor.
  • Target Audience: Microsoft Surface is targeted for normal users. Kindle Fire is designed for users who read magazines, books and other stuff like this.
  • Camera: MS Surface will have HD front and rear cameras whereas Kindle fire does not support any cameras.
  • Software: Microsoft Surface will be supported by Windows 8 Pro Surface. Kindle fire uses Google’s Android operating system with a new and graphical user interface that connects you to a world of movies, magazines, music and much more.
  • Network: Microsoft described in his press release that The Surface will be available with Wi-Fi network connectivity. Kindle Fire only has Wi-Fi access but no 3G access.
  • Resolution: Microsoft Surface offers 16.9 aspect ratio and Kindle Fire offers 1024 x 600 Pixel resolution.

After this detailed comparison, we can conclude that The Surface for Windows RT and Windows 8 Pro Surface is aimed for an average customer, with exciting feature of 32 to 64 GB storage capacity, touch and type smart cover, keyboard etc.