Microsoft Surface Tablet

Microsoft’s Surface is a brand new released product from Microsoft. It is amalgamation of software and hardware technology through which multiple users can share digital content for exploring and creating web stuff. MS Surface has built-in keyboard that has track pad used as a part of Surface’s tablet cover. The Surface Tablet will be available in two versions, Windows 8 Pro and Windows RT.

Kindle Fire is a low priced tablet computer developed by Amazon. It is developed to make device easier to maneuver while offering a large screen.

New iPad is hand held computing device launched by Apple. It is designed for customers who want smart phone with all entertainment and multimedia features. Here is a comparison of Microsoft Surface with Kindle Fire and new iPad.

  • Pricing: Microsoft has not announced any pricing details for MS Surface, but it is predicted that it will be cheap in price as compared with its competitors.  Kindle Fire is available for $200 and new iPad is $499.
  • Resolution: Microsoft Surface will have 16.9 aspect ratio whereas Kindle Fire has 1024 x 600 Pixel resolution.
  • Battery: MS Surface will use battery power of 31.5 WH and iPad battery use Up to 10 hours of web surfing, video watching or music devices. Kindle fire has up to 7.5 hours of video play back and 8 hour of battery.
  • Camera: Microsoft Surface has announced that dual cameras will be present in the tablets. They will have HD front rear cameras. Apple’s new iPad on the other hand has best tablet cameras. Kindle fire does not come with any cameras.
  • Apps: Microsoft Surface will run on Windows 8 along with other applications that will be announced by web developers soon. 17000 applications have been available for Kindle Fire. IPad comes with various applications. IPad is the leading tablet pack available in market with large number of iPad optimized websites and apps.
  • Display: Microsoft Surface size will be 10.3 inches screen, 2 pounds in weight and 0.36 inches thick. The screen in Kindle fire is 7 inches, 0.37 inches thick and weight 14.6 ounces. Windows RT resolution is 1080p and Windows 8 Pro resolution is of 720p. IPad features 720 p level display.
  • Processor: Microsoft Surface has processor of ARM Chip based on NVIDIA Tegra. Kindle Fire uses TI Omap 4430 @ 1 GHZ processor. For iPads, iOS is used.
  • Target Audience: Microsoft Surface and iPad is designed for normal users. But Kindle Fire is developed for those users who love to read magazines and books.
  • Storage Capacity: The Surface has built in storage capacity of 32 to 64 GB. Kindle fire has 8 GB storage capacity whereas iPad goes up to 64 GB.
  • Network: Microsoft Surface will be available with Wi-Fi network connectivity. It will have two USB ports, 3.0 For Windows 8 Pro and 2.0 for Windows RT. Kindle Fire has Wi-Fi access but no 3G access.