Surface RT Tablets in Retailers

It appears that the Microsoft Surface tablet may be offered in other distributions channels aside from the ones own by Microsoft itself, a report from revealed.

Although the accuracy of the report remains uncertain, the source is of the report on the possible availability of the Surface RT tablet in other retail outlets is supposedly reliable, according to Paul Thurrott.

The tablets will be initially available in markets that do not have any physical stores of Microsoft. This indicates that the first non-Microsoft Store distribution channels will be outside Puerto Rico, Canada, and the United States. Microsoft also aims to make the device available through retail chains in a number of selected countries, which is set to take place in the next few days.

The second part will result to the availability of the Surface RT and the Surface Pro Tablet through major retailers and is scheduled to happen by January next year, which is the same scheduled release of the Surface Pro model. Among the retailers that may offer the devices are Staples and Best Buy.

Some industry watchers have hinted that the company controlled the distribution of the device at the start to minimize its effect on the tablet and PC-manufacturing partners of the company. However, the availability of the components may have also contributed to this limitation.

Microsoft had initially revealed that the tablet will be available through the physical and online stores of the company when it was unveiled. Microsoft declined to comment on the reports about the possibility that the device will be available through other distribution channels aside from those owned by the company.

Reports had also hinted at the possibility that sales of the tablet did not meet the targets of the company. This may not be surprising since the number of physical stores of Microsoft is limited.

However, if the reports on the possible release of the Microsoft Surface tablet through other distribution channels are true, it may allow sales of the device to increase particularly during the holiday shopping season. Another report recently emerged that indicated the possible upcoming availability of the Surface RT tablet through a retailer based in France by December 11. The report indicated that the price of the device is around $19 cheaper compared to the ones offered through the stores of Microsoft.

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