Microsoft Surface Tablet

Microsoft has never announced it yet but it seems a new Microsoft Surface Tablet is in the works.

The Microsoft Surface Tablet is being considered as just a reference design and that it will not dwell on hardware business, as Redmond says. However, in this advertisement here, you can actually deduce that Microsoft is indeed planning on more versions of the popular Surface Tablet.

In fact, a listing for a Senior Software Development Engineer states, “We are currently building the next generation and Surface needs you! The Surface development team is seeking a talented senior engineer to work on our next generation Surface. You will be responsible for overall system design and system bring-up/enablement. You will be a critical member of a team that includes firmware, electrical, software, design validation and mechanical engineers; together, you will bring next generation Surface to life.”

Well, just from reading this listing, it seems Microsoft is really on its way to developing another version of the Surface Tablet. Preparations are being made and Redmond is hiring more people for the Microsoft Surface Tablet team. Because of this, one can’t help but think that the Surface Tablet isn’t just a reference design, but something that’s being groomed to compete with what Acer and the like are developing and introducing to the market.