Surface Vs iPad

Microsoft has trotted its new range of Surface tablet last jun. Microsoft’s Surface tablet PC is the new buzz in the world of tablets. Basically it is a touch screen gadget with 10.6 inches display. It uses tile based operating system and it will run on Windows RT and Windows 8 Pro. Some says it is competing directly with iPad whereas some consider it to be threatening for the iPad.

From the press event of Microsoft’s Surface launch, CEO Steve Ballmer showed some of the features of this tablet that might make The Surface better than iPad. Let’s take a sneak peak comparison of this useful Microsoft’s Surface tablet PC with new iPad.

Touch and Type Keyboard Cover

The touch and type keyboard cover in Microsoft Surface is quite similar to the iPad cover. iPad supports wide range of Bluetooth keyboards and covers similar to ultrathin cover but they does not have a touch pad or mouse. Now the question is whether Microsoft touch and type keyboard cover will prove to be better than iPad cover or not?

Display Screen

Both Windows RT and Windows 8 Pro Surface display screens have different resolutions. One is of 1080p and other one is of 720p. IPad still offers 720 p level display.


Windows 8 Pro from Microsoft Surface will run on i5 Intel processor that comes up with 128 GB whereas iPad goes up to 64 GB. With Microsoft tablets, you can play a lot of games, use different apps, media and do web surfing as well.


Ms Surface must be cheap in price so as to compete with iPad. Cost of new iPad is $499. No price for The Surface is yet confirmed but it is estimated to be near $500 – $900.


iPad comes with variety of applications on hand. With many iPad optimized websites and apps, it is the leading tablet pack. Microsoft Surface needs to build up catalog of new and exciting apps for Windows RT and Windows 8 Pro to match the users demand and to beat the competition as well.


Windows 8 Pro Surface and Windows RT will come with 2 USB ports. 3.0 For Windows 8 Pro and 2.0 for Windows RT. These USB ports give extra storage capacity, printing, cloud storage  that are not usually present in iPad.


Ms Surface has announced that there are dual cameras present in the tablets which are angled at 22 degrees. Apple iPad on the other hand is very good at their cameras and till date has best tablet cameras.

iOS or OS X

For iPads, iOS is used whereas for Mac Book OS X is used. The fact is iPad can never be a true replacement to Mac book. Windows 8 Pro uses tablets with full apps and Microsoft Surface RT only run apps like iPad phone.

Microsoft Surface added hype by unveiling Windows 8 Pro and Windows RT tablets with an aim to prove these tablets better than iPad. However before the release we can’t be certain about everything. Lets gear up because October is not so far and you don’t have to wait long to find out.