Microsoft Surface Tablet Accessories: Keyboard

Microsoft (once again?) jumped into the tablet market by unveiling, its iPad killer, the Surface tablet last week. Microsoft has a lot of expectations with its tablet and there have been a lot of gossips world wide about the future of the MS tablet since its launch. We all are waiting to hold this newly born table, struggling its way to nurture userbase and snatch market share from the Apple, in our hands to check it out.

Microsoft has a name as a software company and we all know that Microsoft has been very bad at making computer hardware. Despite the fact we still hope that Microsoft would have taken appropriate steps to manufacture hardware that can beat away iPad. There are many other factors involved in the popularity of a tablet and this includes number of apps users can run on the tablet, price and touch pad / keyboard productivity.

The killer feature of MS Surface is its keyboard

In this post we will take a look at the keyboard which comes along with Surface. The most appealing feature in Microsoft’s Surface tablet is its keyboard. Apple do provide a wireless keyboard with iPad but it’s available as an accessory and you need to purchase it separately. Also you can’t make the keyboard a cover. In case of Microsoft Surface the keyboard becomes cover. We will take a little deep look at Surface keyboard technology.

Stevie Bathiche is the man behind this touch cover technology. He is a researcher at Microsoft and team lead of the team that created MS Surface tablet. Touch cover is 3 millimeters thin design excluding mechanical keys. Touch cover is a touch keyboard. Type cover is 5 millimeters thick and includes mechanical keys. Both of these keyboards use the same 10 times faster multi-touch digitizer according to Microsoft. The pressure-sensitive Touch cover recognizes the keystrokes by change in the pressure on it. In order to press a key on Touch cover you need to touch the key (may be a little harder) and the touch cover will recognize it automatically. The keyboard is capable of attaching with the tablet like a magnet and remains attached to it as a cover. The keyboard is turned off automatically if it is at the back of the table or in front of the tablet, acting like a cover.

The keyboard is a very helpful device and no touch screen can stand against the power of a traditional keyboard. Keyboard with the Microsoft tablet can be very helpful for those who want to edit documents on it, make spreadsheets, write in speed etc. Those who just want to use the tablet to browse the web pages, read the books and any other task that involves very less typing then they can survive Surface tablet even without the keyboard.

Microsoft Tablet  has two types cover

Microsoft Surface keyboard is the one of the most fascinating thing consumers are interested in. It comes with two keyboards / covers; a touch cover and a type cover. Touch cover uses the touch sense to figure out the keys pressed and type cover uses the traditional mechanical keyboard with keys on it. By using these covers as keyboards and turning the back stand on the Surface tablet can be used as a netbook with Windows RT / 8.

Image credit: Josh Lowensohn/CNET News