Microsoft Surface Tablet

Microsoft’s Surface tablet PC is the current hot topic of the web. Lots of gossips and lots of talks about it around the blogosphere. Microsoft unveiled its tablet when its Windows 8 is going to be released. Microsoft believes that its tablet and its operating system will be the game-changer and they will help Microsoft occupy a portion of the tablet market. Well we can say nothing right now.

The 10.6 inches MS Surface came along with two types of keyboards. Each of them can be used as a cover, keyboard or a back-cover. It would have been even better if Microsoft have chosen a hardware partner to manufacture its Surface rather jumping into the hardware on its own. Why consumer will prefer Surface over iPad? Do consumers really need a keyboard with a tablet? There are many questions that have to be answered by Microsoft.

1- What is the cost of Microsoft surface?

According to Microsoft, the Surface tablet will cost nearly a tablet or an Ultrabook. Both of the versions of the Surface tablet have a lot of price difference. An average cheap tablet usually falls around $200 to $250 and a cheap ultrabook falls around $800. The latest iPad starts at $500. What will be the price of the tablet is still unknown but we can expect the price of the RT tablet around as of iPad’s starting price.

2- What about Surface’s Battery Life?

Battery is an important part of a mobile component and all of us need long lasting battery lives so we don’t have to stick with the charger all the time. We can’t say anything but Surface tablet with Windows RT will have battery rated at 31.5 watt-hours. iPad battery rated at 42.5 watt-hour but at the same time it makes sense of having 42.5 watt-hours since the device has to power a high-resolution screen. Windows 8 Pro Surface will have Ivy Bridge Core processors but it is still rated 42 watt-hours. Ivy Bridge Core processors consumes more power so more battery power will be needed. On the other hand iPad is smaller than Surface but it has more pixels than Surface. Windows 8 has not yet released and company can’t say anything about the battery life of a tablet whose operating system has not been developed completely.

3- Will it have 3G/4G connectivity?

The Surface tablet will have Wi-Fi compatibility. About 3G and 4G there are no news from Microsoft. It seems that the company is in talks with carriers for its new device. Microsoft should know that iPad has 3G and 4G connectivity.

4- When Will MS Surface tablet Be Available?

Everyone is eager to hold this new tablet in his / her hands and honestly speaking the tech geeks can’t wait for the tablet to be launched. Because Surface tablet is running operating system that have still to be launched, the Surface tablet’s launch is depended on the Windows 8 launch. Windows RT Surface will launch around October or November of this year and Surface pro will launch in the Q1 of 2013.

5- What apps will the Surface have?

The reality is that even Blackberry can beat Windows Phone in number of applications. iOS number of apps are one of the key factors of the success of the Apple devices: iPad, iPhone and Mac. You can find a huge collection of apps there. Same is the case with Android. Android’s market place is growing and they have recently hit a milestone of 600,000 apps. There is an advantage Surface users will get in terms of apps. They will get MS Office pre-installed in the device.

6- Is Surface Tablet an iPad/Android Tablet Killer?

A straight-forward answer to this question is, No. Surface can’t be an iPad and Kindle Fire killer. One of the main factors which supports my argument have already been mentioned in the previous point. There are tons of apps available on Android and iOS platform. User can enjoy a lot of free apps. With Surface tablet in your hand, how much apps can you enjoy? There are many other factors. Keyboard is a cool thing but is not a need of a tablet user.


Microsoft should take care of each and every expect of the Surface tablet in order to gain the market and beat the current whale of the ocean the iPad. Number of apps in the app store and iPad price difference will be the key points which will hold consumers back from buying Microsoft Surface.