Surface RT Tablet

A number of Chinese consumers were able to purchase the Microsoft Surface tablet a few hours before it was officially released by the company according to report. Sales of the Surface RT tablet started earlier than expected in China as Suning, the official launch partner of Microsoft in China started selling the device at around 8:30 PM local time or a couple of hours prior to its official release in the market.

Images also showed some buyers showing off their newly-purchased tablet devices from Microsoft. One buyer only known through his Twitter name, @chassit, showed a circular sign with the ‘number one’ on it. Apparently the retailer gave out numbers to maintain order in the steady line of buyers of the recently-released Microsoft device.

The report also noted one peculiar detail during the sale of the recently-released Microsoft tablet in China. In addition to the selling the device, the retailer also gave out free milk cartons to buyers, which is reportedly standard practice in China. Additional images also showed the situation during the release of the device in Beijing.

It appears that the company intends to make a significant impact in the Chinese market with the Windows 8 OS as it struggles to reduce piracy, which has affected the income of the company. In addition to a number of applications designed for the innovative interface of the Windows 8 OS, the operation system is also compatible with the latest Twitter-like service in China, the Sina Weibo.

Offering the Windows RT OS and the Surface RT tablet along with an upcoming second version of the Microsoft Surface tablet into the market may give Microsoft its first real opportunity of making waves in the rather competitive tablet market.

Image Source: @chassit in Beijing