Surface storage

Microsoft recently revealed some interesting information in connection to the storage space on the Surface RT tablet through the FAQ page of the official website of the device. The recently-released Microsoft Surface tablet is available in 32GB and 64GB models.

According to the FAQ page, half of the disk space of the 32GB model of the device will be used by built-in applications as well as features that facilitate the protection and recovery of the data saved by the users. This means users will be able to use only 16GB of the storage space of the device. On the other hand, only 46GB of storage space is available on the 64GB model of the device.

The Windows Recovery Tools take up around 5GB of the storage space on the device according to the company, while built-in applications, the Windows RT, and Microsoft Office will use around 8GB of the storage space.

To make up for the storage space used by the features and built-in applications, the Microsoft Surface RT Tablet offers some options to expand its storage space. The USB 2.0 port will allow users to expand the storage through portable hard drives and flash drives. On the other hand, the microSD memory card slot will expand the storage of Surface RT tablet up to 64GB. Another option available for users to expand the storage capacity of the device is the SkyDrive cloud service of Microsoft.