Microsoft Surface Tablet

With the launch of Microsoft’s Surface Tablet PC, Microsoft aims to sell tablets directly to customers with Window 8 Pro and Windows RT tablets.

Features of Two Surface Models Competitors

  • Hardware of both tablets is smooth and refined. Hardware features like USB, memory card data storage and video output open lots of potential by just functioning as a tablet.
  • With its amazing feature of keyboard kickstand combined with unique covers, it has become the most popular and PC-like tablets we have ever seen. The kickstand can also be used as small laptop. With its diverse features, many people are waiting curiously for the fully functional desktop OS. The whole package is completed by Windows 8 Pro Surface that is offered with the tablets. With the launch of this wonderful gadget, I can already hear Apple screaming loudly.
  • Microsoft has made removable rubber-type keyboards that will easily fold up to the keyboard and act as protective shield.
  • Windows RT version weights around 1.5 pounds and Windows 8 Pro Surface weights around 2 pounds. Its competitor iPad is 1.44 pounds and Galaxy is 1.24 pounds in weight whereas Kindle and Nook is less than a pound in weight.
  • With its wide storage capacity of 32 or 64 Gigabytes for Windows RT, it has become the talk of the town. IPad and Galaxy size goes up to 16 GB whereas Kindle devices come with 6 GB and Nook with 8 or 16 GB.
  • The screen size of both Surface Models is designed to be 10.6 inches diagonally. If we compare it with Galaxy, it is 10.1 inches whereas iPad is 9.7 inches. Kindle devices are 7 inches in size.
  • Microsoft Surface storage capacity can be increased by adding MicroSD cards. Same cards can be used for Galaxy and Nook but Kindle and iPad does not have any memory slots like this.
  • Ms Surface has come with two versions: one with an ARM chip, and other with Intel inside. Many people argue that more than one version of Microsoft Surface is very much confusing but as far as I can sense it, it is the only way Microsoft can cater low as well as high end segments by using same operating system.
  • Acceptable USB ports that will support USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 devices. These USB ports are also supported on Kindle, Galaxy and Nook.
  • Both of the tablets, The Surface RT and Windows 8 Pro are similar to each other but Microsoft Windows 8 pro has much impressive features. It is basically ultra book type laptop that is squeezed into tablet form. It is powered by Intel third generation core processor that has up to 128 GB capacity.

Difference Between the Two Tablets – Windows 8 Pro and Windows RT

There are many differences between these two Microsoft’s Surface Tablet PCs:

  • The Windows 8 Pro sports an i5 Ivy Bridge processor, top PC processor that is way ahead of the Tegra 3 ARM architecture from the Windows RT.
  • Window RT screen is yet not branded that makes it difficult to read with 1365x768ppi whereas screen of Windows 8 Pro Surface is full HD with 1920×1080 pixels over 200ppi for the screen. Both tablets use Clear Type HD display technology.
  • Windows RT is lighter in weight as compared to Windows 8 Pro. Windows 8 Pro is 13.5mm and Windows RT is 9.3mm.
  • Windows 8 Pro Battery power is more powerful as compared to Windows RT.

Keyboard – Touch and Type Cover

Microsoft is offering two keyboard covers for The Surface. Touch and type cover. This is one of the major advantages of buying Microsoft Surface. It will act as protective sheet that is connected to the Microsoft Surface by a magnetic strip. It will use pressure sensitive touch keys for making typing faster. Ms Surface will come in variety of colors from pink to black.

Microsoft Surface Tablet Price and Release date

No release data is yet confirmed, but from different sources we have learned that Microsoft Surface for Windows 8 Pro will release 90 days after the release of Windows RT. No price for these tablets has yet been confirmed but it is expected that Microsoft Windows RT will cost $500-600 and Windows 8 Pro will nearly cost around $ 849-949. We will keep you updated with the latest information when it will be available on the official website.