Microsoft Surface Tablet

It appears the bad-boy marketing team at Microsoft is up to its old tricks again. Then again, it may be just some over zealous tech-geeks. Although the Microsoft Surface tablet is not scheduled to be released until October 26, graffiti street art has already begun popping up in New York City. Three tablet outlines are presently decorating a building wall in the city that outlandishly resembles those used back in June at the unveiling of the Windows 8 Tablets. The colors used in this artist’s rendition of the Microsoft Surface tablet are the same as those that frosted the Surface cake presented at the event. There were no details of the release displayed in the artwork but the word “Surface” was blatantly scrawled across each screen.

Similar marketing techniques were (or were not) used in 2002 and 2010 for the MSN launch and Windows Phone 7 introduction, respectively. City officials were not amused by the marketing tactics and finally cracked down on the multimillion-dollar company (with a $50 fine) when MSN butterflies began appearing on stop signs, traffic signals, and sidewalks all over the city. Windows 8 Tablets will feature optional Touch and Type keyboard covers that will come in the aforementioned stylish colors. The Intel version of the Surface will also include supplementary digital ink support through a pen that magnetizes to the surface of the tablet. While city officials may once again have to take corrective action against the company, Microsoft’s only response has been the “politically correct” – no comment.


Photo Credit: Hoodcast