Microsoft Surface Tablet

Yahoo may have snatched the limelight from Microsoft after announcing Google’s Marissa Mayor as its new CEO, but the mighty Microsoft got it back! So, with Windows 8 announcement and unveiling of Microsoft Windows 8 Surface, here is another leap of going cloud with the new Office 15.

In the press conference in San Francisco on Monday the 16th July, CE Steve Ballmer and Senior Division Officer unveiled the previews of the new Office 2013 suite. Now, speculations are that Microsoft might be keeping Office 15 as exclusive suite for its own products only.

Earlier, Microsoft had unveiled Microsoft Surface tablets to be launched this year with two editions: one with Windows RT where as other will be more powerful on Intel Ivy based processor named Windows 8 Surface.

The company might be using the cloud Office as another catch for buying the Microsoft Surface as this Office update has been the most remarkable as it not only gives a metro design but will also support the new generation of touch-enabled devices.

What is more promising though is not its design but the fact that Microsoft has taken all its services, e.g. desktop programs, cloud services and browser apps and merged them In a single unified suite. This unification is very sophistically done without altering the principle character of Office. This model will primarily rely on SkyDrive as its basic cloud component and SharePoint depending on its availability.

Microsoft had put the Office 15 in private beta since January 2012, but NDAs kept most of the information about this remarkable update scarce. One tech specialist commented: “Microsoft’s new Office has a design that makes it easy to focus on work, rather than drowning in extraneous information. Office 2013 looks set to make users more productive without requiring them to learn new ways of working, even on new kinds of devices.” The following four preview plans of this Office Cloud were unveiled during the press conference:

  • Office 365 Home Premium Preview
  • Office 365 Small Business Premium Preview
  • Office 365 ProPlus Preview
  • Office 365 Enterprise Preview

Ranging from home users, to small & medium businesses and large enterprises, the Office 15 will be serving everyone! Technically, there is nothing new in Office 15. The suite is consisted of the same services that 1/6th of the world have been using for decades. It is the way that Office has bundled it and made it available. And perhaps the strongest binding force is cloud. You may work on a notebook, switch to desktop or move to a tablet, every single setting will follow you along the way by just signing into your Office account.

Apart from the Office 15 and Surface tablets unveiling, Microsoft will also be releasing Windows 8 this year with an Apple-inspired upgrade strategy. All these releases put together will definitely help Microsoft get a bulk of buyers for its Surface tablets even in the presence of many strong rivals such as Apple that has been ruling this market for years. Godspeed releases predict an awesome year for Microsoft!