Surface tablet

One big advantages of the Microsoft Surface tablet is its compatibility with a plethora of devices via a string of ports; something that an iPad user can only dream of. Printers, scanners, keyboards, mice and even Xbox controller, if you can name it chances are that it is supported. Still, Microsoft offers an easy way to find out whether or not the particular device you have is supported by the Surface tablet.

Microsoft recently opened a dedicated Surface Tablet section on its Compatibility Center website. While it does not list the whopping 420 million devices that Microsoft claims is compatible with the Surface RT in a single list, what they have done is they have broken down the list into sections such as “Cameras & photo”, ‘Printers & scanners” and so on. Click one main category and a sub-category opens up where you can do further search.

Worried what’s not supported? Don’t worry there is a list for that as well. Microsoft has also published a separate list that contains the names of devices that are not supported.