XBOX Surface Specs

According to an exclusive report at “The Verge,” noted for their information sources at Microsoft, a new 7″ gaming tablet is not far from becoming a reality. The latest leak has stated that the devise is currently under production.

Back in June, before the official Microsoft Surface tablet announcement, the specifications for the Xbox Surface were leaked to The Verge. In addition to the production leak, conformations of these specifications being correct were also confirmed. However, the sources point out that they may be altered to house an Intel SoC and hinted that the gaming tablet is being developed without hardware architecture.

The Xbox Surface will most likely be a hybrid of Xbox with Windows 8 Tablet integration such as Messenger and SmartGlass. Due to the sieve of leaks Microsoft has experienced with the Microsoft tablet PC, the company has built a secret hardware production process — at least for the RT version. The source has confirmed the surreptitious factory will manufacturer the Xbox Surface. Pegatron or Foxconn, nevertheless, will still be building future Xbox consoles according to the source.

As typical with Microsoft, the company stated that it does not comment on speculation and rumors but it has locked down several Xbox-related buildings and limited employee access. It is further rumored that part of the Xbox Surface is being developed at the company’s Silicon Valley compound.