Acer Windows 8 Tablet

With the release of the Microsoft Surface tablet, Acer has opted to defer the launch of its own models of the device. The $499 price tag of the Surface RT tablet may have also contributed to the postponement of the release of its Windows RT tablet to a later date than what was initially planned

Jim Wong, president of Acer, indicated that the company had initially planned to release the device in the first quarter of the coming year. But with the recent developments, the company may not release the tablet earlier than the second quarter. The company already planned to have an aggressive release of the device near the start of the coming year. However, the company has become more cautious following the release of the Surface RT tablet.

Wong added that the company will first observe the performance of the Microsoft Surface tablet in the market. They will take into consideration the promotion and the acceptance of the device in the market. In addition to Acer, the other companies that will release their own versions of the Surface RT tablet include Asus, Dell, and Lenovo.