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It’s a nightmare if you’re sensitive to the color pink and hate the idea that its trying to consume you from all directions. When Microsoft decided to overdo their marketing by painting an entire New York subway car with this hideous pink color I don’t think that they thought even for a second what it could mean to some one who is sensitive about the color.

It is not uncommon to find one’s self in a subway car or a bus that seems to be wrapped in advertising, but this certainly beats everything. A heinous pink overdose that can unsettle an individual and leave him virtually seeing pink for the rest of the day. The color is the same as that of one of the touch covers of the new Microsoft Surface Tablet that it is so regularly advertised with. The touch cover doubles up as a keyboard and a protective cover for the screen that’s advertised to close with a firm “click”.

Microsoft has even taken the pain and bore the cost to install video screens on these ‘converted subway cars’ which endlessly played the commercials of the Surface RT Tablet. More pink! Thankfully they decided to leave the floor as they were.

Source: Mashable

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Surface with Windows RT
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