microsoft surface tablet office 2013

Following a complaint by Hacker News, an anonymous Microsoft employee and a member of the Word team had gone in to check. The issue was the slow response time of Microsoft Word when the user is typing. This could be either an issue with the CPU of the new tablet or a bug in the Microsoft Word code.

Interestingly the Microsoft employee mentioned that the development team had to face a number of challenges when developing the Office 2013 suite for the tablet, including no knowledge about the Surface RT. The hardware that the team had been working on “was prerelease hardware from MSFT partners that had varying levels of performance.”

Later on, however, Steven Sinofsky president of the Windows and Windows Live segments himself corrected the statements made by the Microsoft employee in a Hacker News thread. Sinofsky clarified that the issue was known and an update is imminent. He also denied that the development team did not have access to all the proper hardware and tools. There was no shortage of hardware, knowledge and communication he added.

Interestingly the complainant also added that he did not have the latest office updates on his Surface RT, something which the users are saying would rectify the problem. In this case if you’re facing the same problem then the suggested recourse would be to download and install the latest Office update.