Surface Tablet Games

Gaming is an important part of the computer devices. Apple is well aware of the importance of the games that is why it has a separate category for games at its app store. Games have a nice amount of downloads in Apple’s app store and Android’s app store. Ignoring gaming on tablet means ignoring a considerable amount of users from purchasing the product. Yes, the soon-to-be-released tablet will have enough hardware to run high graphics games and it will also be able to run current Windows games like Civilization 4 and 5.

Can Surface play games?

Surface tablet have got enough hardware to run games. There is an HD screen, voice recognition, touchpad, USB and micro SD card slots and the most appealing component, the keyboard. With nVidia graphics card and very fast ARM processor we can expect to experience high quality / graphics games.

SmartGlass will be available for Surface

With SmartGlass, an application, Xbox media can be controlled using a smart device. SmartGlass makes the entertainment facilities more engaging and enjoyable. With all these things we can expect Halo and Age of Empires for the Surface tablet in the future.

What does the Surface tablet mean for gaming

Apple’s iPad is a cool device but there are many limitations with which you have to compromise if you are a computer pro. One of the biggest limitation is that we get bounded with the Apple’s framework. We are limited to the Apple’s app store, we can’t run thousands of free online flash games and we can’t configure the device too much. At this point Surface takes an edge and if you want to install steam on it then you can do it. If you want to play flash games then you are most welcome.

Microsoft’s Surface Tablet Could Be Great for Gaming

There is a lot of difference between Surface RT running Windows RT and Surface 8 Pro running Windows 8 Pro version. Surface RT is a light tablet with not much in it. It is much lighter and have less hardware specifications then the Pro version. The Windows 8 Pro version of the Surface is the real deal for gamers. It has Inter Core i5 Ivy Bridge processor. There is no news related to the graphics processing unit, however, rumors are in the air that nVidia Tegra 3+ will be in i5 chipset. This means that Surface will be able to support huge graphics.

Microsoft Surface Can Run PC Games

It is very amusing to write that iPad can’t run Mac games but Windows 8 Pro Surface will be able to run PC games. Eric Neustadter of Xbox Live Operations said that due to Windows 8 operating system running on the Surface Pro we will be able to play current PC games. He also stated in a tweet that iPad can’t play Civ 4 or Civ 5 but MS Surface runs Windows 8 so my PC games will work. With keyboard and USB ports we will be able to experience the same environment as we used to have while playing the games on PC. Cool, no?

What Microsoft Surface Means For Mobile Gaming?

Experience and excitement of playing games while moving around in the house, university, park or any where in the city can’t be understood by non-mobile users. There is a different addiction of playing games on mobile devices. A mobile device in the pocket, whenever got time, put it out and start playing (or continue) your game. The game can either be MMO or an app. Unfortunately there are not much iOS- and Android- based MMOs available. With Microsoft’s Surface Tablet PC we hope to enjoy browser-based MMOs that we used to enjoy at PC. With such high specifications of Surface Pro, we expect to install client apps of MMOs on the tablet.


It is not that Microsoft’s Surface tablet has ignored the gamers. There are a bunch of reasons the gamers should prefer Surface over iPad. Surface got high system specifications enough to run games. With Windows 8 installed on one version of Surface tablet, gamers will be able to play current PC games no it. USB ports and Xbox controllers will enhance the gaming experience on the tablet.