Microsoft Surface Tablet

With Microsoft revealing Surface Tablet to be launched this fall, among specs-war there is a heated browser debate too. Who will get the most Surface users and who will be falling down? It all started when during the keynote speech at the ceremony, Internet Explorer crashed when the presenter was showing the Microsoft Surface features. Oops.

Internet Explorer is going to come in the bundle with Surface, the way iPad got Safari some millions of users; Microsoft Surface will try doing the same.

Before we get into Surface IE, let’s check some stats of these king browsers. Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google’s Chrome and Apple’s Safari are all in this battlefield. According to StatCounter, Google Chrome was the most used browser for the second straight month in June with a share of 32.8%. Internet Explorer came second, climbing to 32.3% whereas Firefox was in third spot, felling at 24.6%. These statistics are based on tracking a whopping number of 3million websites.

Now, Safari largely is owned by only Apple products using users, whereas others are pretty universal. A couple of weeks back Chrome for iOS app became available in App Store and only after a few hours, it became the No. 1 app in U.S. app store. Here is your answer to why Microsoft can’t be too optimistic to enforce IE upon Surface Tablet users.

While Safari provides basic browsing options, Chrome app went ahead with syncing bookmarks and tabs across the devices, flicking and swiping through apps and ability to switch between unlimited tabs. You can see why it has been such a huge hit. Many of the iOS users have already switched from Apple’s Safari to Chrome browser. But what are the Chrome vs IE chances?

IE isn’t an easy bite like Safari but since the keynote IE crash incident, chances are growing better for Chrome.

It’s not only Google Chrome that is looking for making its browser apps and throwing it for varied operating systems. Mozilla’s Firefox is too trying to find a spot in this war. Firefox app for iPad is in the making, namely Junior Firefox for iPad. The presentation team was quoted saying “Junior Firefox for iPad will definitely make browsing more fun, more ergonomic and re-thinks browser used experience from the ground up.”

Now, Microsoft Surface can aim at getting its aging Internet Explorer some users, but there are many concerns. As opposed to Apple Safari, IE keeps on losing market share after IE version 7. Many of devoted IE users have moved to Firefox and Chrome already. And like Kindle Silk, if MS is hoping to enforce a browser, it has just to wait for the apps that Chrome and Mozilla Firefox will be introducing. After the Chrome for iPad app, many conducted a research that proved Chrome was faster than Apple’s own Safari even though it has no access to the Nitro Javascript engine. What chances do IE stand then?

Looking at these stats, it’s pretty clear that Google Chrome will obtain the most Surface users but let’s not make strong assumptions and wait for the right time.