HP windows RT tablet

HP’s head of PC, Todd Bradley, has given some candid comments about the Microsoft Windows RT and the Surface RT tablet. In a sort of reiteration of the statements issued by HP earlier this year, Bradley mentioned in an interview to IDG Enterprise that the Surface RT can hardly be considered as a competition. He went on to add some pretty hard comments about the Surface RT.

He mentioned that the Surface RT is quite slow to respond and do come across as a product that is kludgy at the best. He blamed the press for making a sensation out of a product that has more hypes than effectiveness at the fingertips of its users. Back in August a HP executive made similar sounding statements while adding that the Surface is a statement by the market leader Microsoft as to what is possible in the tablet domain.

Bradley gave the reason for Microsoft’s unwillingness to make a retail accessibility of the tablet and instead choosing to go for only a direct sale and that too only in a select few countries, as an indication that Microsoft is not making big play with the device. He also mentioned that he is not thrilled with an OS that has been designed to be tablet centric. In recent times HP has shown interest to re-enter the tablet market and designated 2013 as a possible date when they do so, however they are not too keen on a Windows RT tablet yet.